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These scholars suspect that it may simply mean priest, either as a loan word from the Minaean lawi'u, meaning priest, or by referring to those people who were joined to the ark of the covenant.Another possibility is that the Levites originated as migrants, and that the name Levites indicates their joining with either the Israelites in general, or the earlier Israelite priesthood in particular.Plusi • nav jāsastāda saraksts un nav jāatceras katrs sīkums.Apdrošināšanas gadījumā , būs apdrošināta pilnīgi visa tava manta.By extension, he is indirectly eponymous of the Kingdom of Judah, the land of Judea and the word "Jew".According to the narrative in Genesis, Judah with Tamar is the patrilinear ancestor of the Davidic line.• Papildus nav jāapdrošina jauni pirkumi, ja vien to vērtība būtiski neietekmē kopējo apdrošināšanas summu.

The Torah suggests that the name of Levi refers to Leah's hope for Jacob to join with her, implying a derivation from yillaweh, meaning he will join, but some Biblical scholars have proposed quite different origins of the name.

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