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Ireland’s rich history is showcased best in its museums and art galleries.

The birthplace of the Titanic, visit the Titanic Belfast in the city’s Titanic Quarter to explore the story of the great ship in an immersive, interactive experience.

Rising from the ashes of ‘the Troubles’ of the early nineties and benefitting from financial investment after the ceasefire, Belfast is now a cultural hub brimming with ornate architecture and intrigue.

October 1974 Pubs are bombed in Guildford as the IRA expands its campaign to mainland Britain.

A month later, there are more pub bombings in Birmingham, killing 21 people.

The British Government first sends troops to Northern Ireland in what it describes as a “limited operation” to restore law and order after three days of violence in the predominantly Catholic Bogside area of Londonderry.

February 1971 Gunner Robert Curtis becomes the first British soldier to die when he is shot dead by the IRA.


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