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By means of the river, London ranks as the first port of the kingdom. But the parts of the metropolis inhabited by the poorer classes, are yet the prolific sources of disease; and the retention of Smithfield market and the slaughter-houses in the very heart of London must also be noticed as a heavy drawback on the health, safety, and even morality of the city. Population, London (within the walls), 54,626; (without the walls), 70,382. However, following the practice adopted in the LDS Family History Library, parish-level information will be provided here only for parishes belonging to the City of London, leaving parishes from elsewhere in the Greater London area to the Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire pages as appropriate.

The squares, which are usually ornamentally planted, are of great advantage to some districts, in regard to health. The city of London is under the control of a corporation, of enormous wealth; whose practical inefficiency, and steadfast resistance of all reformation or change, are matters of painful notoriety. And even this description doesn't give the full story, as parts of Middlesex went to Surrey and Hertfordshire.

convey the notion of wealth and commerce completely stupendous. Aside from such essentially national institutions as The National Archives, the British Library, the Society of Genealogists, the Institute for Historical Research, and the Principal Probate Registry, London has many specialised major libraries and archives, such as: London Boroughs - Archives and Local Studies Libraries: we have links to web sites of each London borough, and to their archives or local studies libraries.Census records for England and Wales from 1841 to 1911 are also available online () via the links in the table below.You can search the online census returns by name, browse by place, or locate an exact page if you have the full census reference.The websites in the table below are subscription-based websites.It is free to search these websites, but there is a charge to view full transcriptions and download documents. Fitz Hugh, The Dictionary of Genealogy, 1994.] There is a considerable overlap in the coverage of London and in particular Middlesex on this server.


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