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With just a couple of calls, Duo has proven to me that it can replace Skype on my phone and maybe even tempt me to use it instead of Whats App audio calls with certain friends.Not because I to see them while I chat with them, but because the simplicity is there and it's enough to make me think twice before opening either app.It's quick and easy to start a video visit online, or download our app.

Audio-only or group video calls aren't yet possible, there's no web or desktop client, no multi-device support, and no way to share what's on your screen for example instead of what you see with your cameras.

One-on-one private videochat is i Friends' signature feature, and something offered by all the models on our site.

Just select "Take Me Private" when you want to try that feature — the results of spending time together that way can be amazing!

Getting sick isn't something you can schedule in advance. At Multi Care Virtual Care, we know that you want convenient solutions for getting the care you need when you're not feeling well.

That's why we offer adults and children in the state of Washington on-demand, virtual care options at set, reasonable prices.


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