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If for any reason you do not have the data on the i Phone after upgrading to the new i OS, take a look at the below tips on how to restore i Phone from a previous i OS backup made via i Tunes or i Cloud.As we discovered, a recent backup of the i Phone serves as a much needed insurance against failure.We will keep you updated on Matt Hughes’ condition as further updates become available.Please continue to keep Matt and his family in your prayers.Shortly following the accident, Hughes was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where UFC President Dana White stated that he was being treated for head trauma.Illinois State Police told the State-Journal review that the former multiple-time UFC welterweight champion, Hughes, crossed the railroad tracks directly in front of a moving train which struck the Hillsboro native on the passenger side of his vehicle. John’s Hospital released the following statement regarding Matt Hughes’ condition on Friday evening: “Former UFC fighter and Hillsboro native Matt Hughes was airlifted to HSHS St.

To install the AWS CLI using the bundled installer Download the AWS CLI Bundled Installer using wget or curl. In general, it’s best for answers to be as self-contained as possible.

ATTENTION: Do not connect the transceiver to a PC using a Micro-USB cable before installing the virtual COM port driver.

Updated items : (Version 1.05 1.06) [May 17, 2017] Updates the following feature. Enables copying positional information from "Position Memory" to "APRS Object" as well as to "My Position".

You can update the TH-D74A/E firmware by connecting the TH-D74A/E to the PC by using a Micro-USB cable.

A virtual COM port driver needs to be installed onto the PC to use the firmware updating program with a Micro-USB cable.


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