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According to a recent blog post, Turley has assembled a seven-piece live lineup, so look for the ensemble to play some shows in the L.

November 12 2012 On December 11th, 2012 Record Collection will re-issue John Frusciante albums The Will To Death, Inside of Emptiness, A Sphere in the Heart of Silence, Curtains, DC EP, The Empyrean and Ataxia I & II on 180 gram limited edition vinyl.

She married her Dazed and Confused costar Shawn Andrews at 16; their marriage was annulled a year later.

She married filmmaker Luc Besson at 22, then separated from him and is now divorced.

But their relationship lives on forever in these photos…

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His latest output arrives in the form of a song titled "Poem," and it hears the musician taking things in a drastic new direction.

Lasers ricochet off bursts of noise that range from what sound like standard synths to jet plane engines.

As you may or may not know, the two musicians were frequent musical collaborators in the past.Each LP will also come with a download card for your choice of MP3 or WAV file.US International Store European Store **Preorders of The Empyrean, Curtains, and bundle packages sold out as of Nov. I used to always say, "How come all these girls get free clothes and I don't get anything? TALK: Have you ever thought about giving up the whole modeling thing and going the Isabella Rosselini or Nastassja Kinski route?JOVOVICH: L'Oreal is amazing, because the money I earn gives me the chance to, like, chill out and not be like, "I didn't get this part, so I'm going to fucking kill myself," you know - excuse my French. JOVOVICH: People go, "Oh God, she's really intense.' They don't get that that's not me. TALK: When you were 16 you got married, to Shawn Andrews. JOVOVICH: I definitely think my first marriage was done for all the wrong reasons. When I come home and I'm working on a film, and then I'm going to rehearse until two in the morning with my band, it doesn't leave much space for a husband - especially one who is not going to be there sitting, rocking out with me, smoking pot with me and my band.A couple years back, John Frusciante vowed to get out of the commercially released music game, then made good on that promise with an abundant offering of free tunes.


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