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You can use a synonym as the parameter for the OBJECT_ID function; however, the function returns the object ID of the synonym, not the base object. Posted on 2016-06-27 by Byron Voorbach With around 6.2 million active customers, is the number one online retailer in The Netherlands.Been meaning to open-source it, but it would take some cleanup first to remove code that only applies to my company (database handling).Not too hard to do, just need to modify Synonym Token Filter Factory and make a plugin around it.Of course this raises the question as to why one might want to manage resources used by Solr using a REST API?For starters, being able to programmatically change Solr configuration settings simplifies Solr setup, as well as ongoing administration.Moreover, many other “tunable” components in Solr are moving away from manual editing towards being programmatically manageable.For instance, you can use the RESTful schema API to add fields to a managed schema.

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You need Oracle synonyms because when you are logged into Oracle, it looks for all objects you are querying in your schema (account). EMP using the create synonym command: SQL CREATE SYNONYM emp FOR SCOTT.Commenting on this issue to provide the back story: Motov created an abstracted resource watcher service that can be used to update the synonym map: elasticsearch#2103 If this feature makes it into the master branch, I will attempt to create a fix for this issue.I created my own synonym token filter that refreshes its values from a database at a predetermined interval.Whether you want to use synonym expansion or synonym contraction depends on your use-case and won’t be part of this post.Configuring synonyms in Elasticsearch can be done in two ways.Another example, as we’ll see below, is a set of synonym mappings used by a Synonym Filter during text analysis.


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