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For instance, in the default "C" locale characters such as umlaut-a (ä) will not be converted. SAVED.' ';or$ther="There Is all ready A concept SAVED";$fupper=substr("$ther",0,1);pick the first char$theru = strtoupper($fupper);make it upper $flower=substr("$ther",1,100);pick the rest$therl = strtolower($flower);make them lower Result: There is all ready a concept saved When using UTF-8 and need to convert to uppercase with special characters like the german ä,ö,ü (didn't test for french,polish,russian but think it should work, too) try this:function strtoupper_utf8($string) It has been mentioned in a previous comment that all you need to do to let PHP's strtoupper() do the conversion - instead of writing more or less complicated functions yourself - is to specify the locale in which you're doing the case conversion: It is important to note that setlocale() will silently fail if it can't find the specified locale on your system, so *always* check its return value....

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